Alderton House

Elisa is a proud trustee of Alderton House. Alderton House is an Achievement Center located in New York City’s iconic Upper Eastside neighborhood. Their programs are designed to inspire women to seek excellence in their work through the service of others, and to help them see their work in the larger context for a flourishing and prosperous lifestyle. Alderton House offers a multitude of programs for women of all ages and backgrounds which take place at different locations in New York City and beyond! These programs have an orientation entrusted to Opus Dei a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.

Alderton House works in collaboration with other non profit organizations, serving as a beautiful venue for their activities and special events. Among these are the Murray Hill Institute, Rosedale Achievement Center, The Avenue Leadership Program and Harambee U.S.A.

For more information on Alderton House and future events, contact Elisa by emailing